You can take the braid out of each one of our products if you are ever in a survival type situation and need cordage. Weather you have chosen something as small as a key fob to something as large as a dog leash, you will have one of the most needed tools in a survival situation, cordage. When undone you will have anywhere from 3-4 feet of 550 paracord all the way up to 100 feet or more depending on the product you have chosen.

     This essential tool will always surprise you with how many ways it can be used, including securing equipment, making traps and shelter construction. There are many types of rope and cordage out there, but most experts agree that for a lighter load and superior versatility the best all-around cordage is the military type 550 parachute cord, which gets its name from its 550-pound test strength. This legendary cordage is woven from seven strands of white nylon that can also be unraveled and used as heavy thread or string, making it an ideal multipurpose survival tool.

Surviving In Style Guarantee

As with all of our Para Cord products, the Para Cord is there for you to use if you need it in any type of situation. As much as we hope that you never find yourself in that type of situation, you will have the cordage there for you to use if you do. But, if that situation ever DOES occur, send us the story, along with some pictures of how you used your product, and we will be happy to custom make you a brand new product to replace the one that you had to use along with a bonus product as well. Like we said, we truly do hope that you never find yourself in that type of situation. But as avid outdoors men ourselves, we know that situation may just arise someday. Most of all we want you to know that not only do we stand behind our products, we also stand BESIDE our customers. 

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